Halfway between Fano and Pesaro, Le Marche Region.




The Relais Villa Giulia is a charming hotel nested between the sea and the gentle hills in Central Italy, the Marche Region, halfway between the cities of Fano and Pesaro.
Villa Giulia offers to its Guests a gourmet restaurant, a lush Mediterranean park for romantic walks and a panoramic swimming pool surrounded by an olive grove, even an organic farm with all kind of vegetable gardens.

Villa Giulia will talk to you slowly, with education, respect and kindness about its colors, fragrances, flavors, enchanting views and landscapes. Will tell you stories, give you advice, reveal secrets.

It ‘a place to come back and to share with those you love, an elegant and serene country house used to welcome the family and friends since the times of Eugene de Beauharnais, Viceroy of the Kingdom of Italy and stepson of Napoleon Bonaparte,  in moments of relaxation, dining and entertainment in the outdoors. Villa Giulia hosted princesses and explorers, senators and generals, churchmen and poets. All of them were undressing their titles and assignments remaining just friends.

People like us, who loved the barking of a dog, the chirping of crickets and cicadas, the cry of an owl to the moon, the wind blowing through the branches of the trees, the sound of the waves that you hear from the terrace, the marine breeze.

Villa Giulia preserves an ancient way of life marked by the changing seasons, in close and constant link with the land, the memories of the past, the art, the awe for the beauty of the small things of nature and the love for all the animals.”

Anna, Mila, Almorò


The Relais Villa Giulia offers to the Guests charming suites, junior suites and superior double bedrooms.

Each accommodation has its own history and personality: style, atmosphere and furnishings have been merged over the years, creating a harmonious and pleasant setting.

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The Relais Villa Giulia offers apartments from 2, 4 and 6 persons. They are located in beautiful and carefully restored outbuildings, directly on common outdoor areas and furnished in the same style as the Villa: valuable family furnitures belonging to various historical periods and precious details harmoniously combined with rustic furnishings typical from Le Marche.

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The Restaurant Villa Giulia offers a gourmet cuisine based on organic products, most of which are grown directly in the farm and in the vegetable gardens of the family,  that owns Villa Giulia since many generations.

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Villa Giulia is the perfect place for a fairytale wedding: thanks to the private Chapel, the gourmet cuisine of the restaurant, the park, the Mediterranean gardens, the panoramic swimming pool and the possibility to host you and your Guests in charming accommodations.

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20 March 2017



Our address is,
61032 Fano (Pesaro e Urbino) ITALY


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