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Napoleonic Residence

Villa Giulia

Villa Giulia is an elegant Napoleonic residence sourrounded by the green of a centuries-old park crossed by romantic paths where a rich Mediterranean vegetation grows.
The property overlooks one part of the Adriatic Sea and the other on the city and the port of Fano. Villa Giulia is a unique place between Pesaro and Fano

The Villa contains original furnishings from different eras, ancient books and everyday objects belonging to the family for centuries: the whole creates a truly fascinating atmosphere in the rooms and in the living rooms, suites and rooms. Adjacent to the Villa, there is the ancient private Chapel where Sunday ceremonies are celebrated.
The feeling is to relive a page of Italian and French history: in the Villa and in the park are visible traces left by its former owners, such as Prince Eugène de Beauharnais, beloved stepson of Napoleon and Viceroy of the Italic Kingdom, or the Baroness Giulia de Rolland, ancestor of the owners and a prominent figure at the Court of Savoy in the early twentieth century.



The first owner of the villa was Eugenio de Beauharnais, stepson of Napoleon and Viceroy of Italy
In 1850 the estate was purchased by Count Carlo Ferri, a fancier noble who held important positions in the Papal State and was Governor of the city of Perugia.
A large project to enlarge the Villa by architect Giuseppe Ferroni from Senigallia, one of the most important architects of the region, dates back to this period.
The definite structure of the Villa dates back to 1892 and was commissioned by Giulia Ferri, daughter of Count Carlo Ferri and wife of the Baron and Senator of the Kingdom Giulio de Rolland.
Giulia, a woman of great personality and intelligence, was an intimate friend of Queen Margherita of Savoy, with whom she shared a passion for mountaineering. Giulia de Rolland was the first woman to climb Mont Blanc.
Later the property was inherited by Giulia’s nephew, the Marquess Maria Pia Tacoli of San Possidonio, who made it her summer residence.

In 1946, on the occasion of the marriage of the daughter of the Marquise Maria Pia, Laura, with Count Marco Celio Passi, the Chapel of the Villa was completely restored and the large external portal was built.

The current owner Anna Passi, daughter of Marchesa Laura Tacoli of San Possidonio and Count Marco Celio Passi, together with her children today offers the opportunity to stay in a charming and unique place, where comfort and quality services are combined with tradition aristocratic, the charm of history and the natural beauties of a centenary park.

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