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At the Villa Giulia restaurant in Fano we offer a creative gourmet cuisine that is the authentic flavor of raw materials.

Uovo 12 €
Toasted white of egg, creamy yolk, sage in tempura
and parmesan mousse

Zucca 12 €
Creamy pumpkin, cooked must, crispy chestnuts and pumpkin seeds,
Robiola cheese and traditional balsamic vinegar

Cavolfiore 12 €
Roasted cauliflower escalope with walnut sauce, smoked eggnog
and cauliflower in different consistencies

Gambero rosso 16 €
Raw red prawns from Porto Santo Spirito, Jerusalem artichokes,
dripping of sweet and sour shallots and shrimp ketchup

Sardoncini imbottiti 14 €
Breaded and fried sardines stuffed with creamy Pecorino cheese
accompanied with “Pappa al Pomodoro” and crunchy vegetables

Cozze gratinate 14 €
Mussels au gratin with aromatic bread, barbecue peppers and egg cream

Bottoni 14 €
Fresh egg pasta, stuffed with creamy “Arrabbiata” sauce and light
garlic sauce, oil and chilli, crunchy parsley

Gnocchi 14 €
Green potato gnocchi with black cabbage, walnut sauce and smoked
Ricotta cheese

Tagliatelle 14 €
Rustic tagliatelle made with type 1 flour, turnip tops, egg roe and
toasted bread crumbs

Tortelli 16 €
Tortelli stuffed with creamed cod, chickpeas, pecorino cheese drops
and fried rosemary

Turanici 16 €
Spaghetti “Mancini” made with Turanico wheat,
creamy cheese and pepper, shrimps and cauliflower

Fettuccine 16 €
Lentils fettuccine “Spinosi” with shrimps and porcini mushrooms

Moletto 16 €
Steamed Moletto (local fish), celeriac, chestnuts, and Porcini mushrooms

Coda di rospo 18 €
Oven-baked monkfish morsels, Tuscan “ribollita” and cubes of bruschetta
with new olive oil

Baccalá 16 €
Slice of fresh cod cooked in the oven with tomatoes,
and potatoes, with soft “polenta” and emulsion of its sauce

Sgombro 16 €
Lightly smoked and stuffed mackerel, roasted in the oven
with aromatic bread crumbs, cabbage and bay leaves

Sogliola 16 €
Sole in transparency of seasoned lard with hazelnut paste,
potato puff and green leaves

Costata 18 €
Grilled entrecôte heart, cooked and raw spinachs, fried potato millefeuille
and mustard powder

Fico 8 €
Robiola cheese ganache, caramelized figs, fresh fig sorbet
with jelly of its leaves and crunchy wafer with toasted walnuts

Mela 8 €
Golden apple sorbet, creamy “Annurca” apples baked,
cinnamon and molasses flavored cotton, red apple chips

Melograno 8 €
Acacia honey parfait, sponge, pearls and foam of pomegranate

Uovo d’Oro 8 €
Almond ganache, orange fondant, pistachio and Ricotta cheese cream
with pine nuts, crunchy biscuit and sugar paper

Crema americana 8 €
Crunchy “Cannolo” filled with Milk Stout beer,
mousse and milk chocolate, peanuts ice cream

Croque en bouche 8 €
Creamy parfait, orange cream,
caramelized puffs, raspberries and chocolate sauce

Sacher 8 €
Caraibe Valrhona chocolate biscuit and home made apricot jam

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