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The dessert “Pear, celery and peanut” is composed of an Angelic Pear mousse, caramelized peanuts and celery mousse.

First you will be amazed by the wonderful look of the dessert “Pear, celery and peanuts”, but then even more will amaze you the extraordinary harmony of its flavors: once again our Chef Danilo Mariotti has designed for the Restaurant of Villa Giulia an unique and delicious dessert!

The Angelica Pear is a local  variety of pear, the cultivation of this pear still persists among some farmers in the province of Pesaro, where are preserved specimens of more than 70 years. Recently our cooperative MarcheSana has realized an orchard with many of Angelica pear trees in the vegetable gardens of Villa Giulia.

Its cultivation is not easy because the production is strongly alternating and unpredictable.

The Angelica pear was typical in the traditional family orchards and vegetable gardens.

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