The Passatelli with black truffles proposed by our Chef Danilo Mariotti are a truly unique first course!

The Passatelli isa typical pasta that originated in the Marche, the valley of the Cesano River, and has spread throughout the Region and in Romagna Region. The Passatelli are prepared with bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese, eggs and a pinch of spices (nutmeg and / or lemon peel) to obtain a dough from which derive a kind of thick spaghetti.

To do this is used a potato masher with large holes.

The eggs Danilo uses are organic, while our truffle provider is Alessandro Benvenuti of La Cerca.

The intent of the small family business La Cerca is to give value to the truffle, which is too often considered only as a tasty condiment, while in addition to this is a very strong expression of our territory.
The unique and fascinating taste of the truffle fits perfectly with the one of the Passatelli.

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