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Mila di San Bonifacio

Born in Ancona, Mila di San Bonifacio Mila is the only true “Marchigiana” of the family!

Mila lived with the family in Rome, where she completed her studies, and always spent the Summer vacations at Villa Giulia with his brothers Almorò, Federico and Niso, together with many friends who every year used to spend some vacation days here. Mila shared with them the great emotions that the Villa Giulia with its large park and the surrounding countryside donate.

Mila lives in Fano since some years, dealing with the Relais Villa Giuliaand the family farm, now fully converted to the organic agricolture.

Her passions, in addition to the beloved dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, geese and goats that surround her home, are the aromatic and medicinal herbs with their endless uses and the vegetables and fruit trees, which devotes a continuous search for the recovery of the oldest, native and special ones.

Mila San Bonifacio is divided between the work in the vegetable gardens and the farm garden and the reception of the Guests of the Relais, that she receives with innate kindness and affection, conquering them all!

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