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At the Villa Giulia restaurant in Fano we offer a creative gourmet cuisine that is the authentic flavor of raw materials.

“Carciofo” 10 €
Artichoke in the pan with hot pecorino cheese egg flip

“Indivia” 10 €
Roasted endive, dried fruits, orange and bay leaf

“Ciambella” 10 €
Fried potato and spinach donut with mountain lard (optional),
sweet-and-sour shallots and aromatic essences

“Tartare” 12 €
Tartare of local beef, fresh walnut shredding,
porcini mushrooms in tempura and homemade mustard

“Pizza” 12 €
Crispy pizza, tuna tart, guacamole and basil sprouts

“Calamaretto fritto” 12 €
Squids fried with a light nigella batter, accompanied with “rose”
sauce and crunchy seasonal salad

“Gambero rosso” 14 €
Raw red prawns of Porto Santo Spirito, topinambur,
slicing of sweet shallot and shrimp ketchup

“Canocchie e cardoncelli” 12 €
Steamed and shelled mantis shrimps, soft and crispy potatoes,
small cardoons and parsley

“The sole” 12 €
Lightly cooked sole filets, white sauce made with fish soup,
warm lentils salad and cabbage peaks

“Spaghetto” 12 €
Stratification of creamy cheese and pepper, ragout of artichokes and nepitella,
spaghetti cooked in water of artichokes and crispy fried artichokes

“Cannelloni” 12 €
Whole flour cannelloni filled with wild herbs, baked in oven with béchamel
sauce and parmesan cheese, accompanied by mille points of vegetables

“Minestra” 12 €
Legumes and vegetables soup with maltagliati – rolled-out pasta dought cut in
irregular pieces – and king prawns (optional)

“Tortello” 12 €
Pasta stuffed with creamed cod, chickpeas, drops of pecorino cheese
and fried rosemary

“Pappardelle” 12 €
Egg, potato and flour thick pasta, creamed with clams, mantis shrimps
and herbs with a hint of lemon

“Rigatoni” 16 €
Rigatoni with lobster sauce, datterini tomatoes and basil extract

“Rombo” 20 €
Grilled turnip chop, soft and crunchy celeriac and lemon beets

“Gallinella” 18 €
Fillets of gurnard wrapped in aromatic bread and roasted, accompanied
with fennels in different textures

“Gabilo” 18 €
Slice of fresh cod cooked on the skin, Cannellini beans and artichokes

“Muggine” 16 €
Grilled mullet steak, potatoes, olives and turnip greens accompanied
from its sauce

“Costata” 20 €
Grilled steak with cooked and raw spinachs, millefeulies
of fried potatoes and mustard powder

“Tarocco” 8 €
100% Orange

“Fragola, limone verde e dragoncello” 8 €
Green lemon parfait, strawberry salad with tarragon
and meringue veils

“Pera alla Belle Hélène” 8 €
Pear in different textures, fondant sauce and amaretto ice-cream

“Tarte tatîn di mele” 8 €
Crunchy sweet pastry, mousseline cream, apple millefeuille
and mace ice cream

“Crema americana” 8 €
Crunchy cannolo fillet of Milk Stout beer mousse
and milk chocolate, peanut ice cream

“Affogato al caffè” 8 €
Parfait with cream cheese and hazelnut, coffee gel
and hazelnut sponge

“Caraibico” 8 €
Hot chocolate cake with a soft heart,
banana and lime sauce and coconut ice

Bread 1 €
Service included

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