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Spontaneity is the new way to marry!

The Spontaneous weddings are the new trend, an original idea not only for those who don’t like too many formalities, but also for a few, important reasons:

• Love is something special, that you can not always plan!
• The Spontaneous wedding is absolutely stress-free!
• More is short-term, the more you save money on the wedding reception, but also on your Honeymoon, Wedding favors and much more!

These wedding are fun and easier, sometimes exciting and unforgettable that the traditonal ones, that may be perceived as a bit flat.

The surprise effect will cheer the Guests, the anxiety will be reduced to a minimum!

Contact us, we will inform you about available dates in the next 2 months and related offers, to give you the best deal and simplify the organization of your wedding day creating the perfect Wedding you always imagined.

We will be at your side to help you organize your dream wedding within a few days with a package tailored to your needs!

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