Orto Biologico

The organic vegetable gardens and the herbs gardens are a living larder, without walls and the sky above.
The chefs Danilo and Umberto “shop” in the vegetable gardens choosing products, perfumes and colors to give the best flavour and appeal to their dishes.


It is something more than a KM0. There are just few meters that separate the kitchen from the vegetable gardens, same as few steps separate the kitchen from the dining room!
The restaurant doesn’t just choose the products and turn them into dishes : it chooses which products plant, how to grow them, when to pick them and how to enhance them. For this reason the Villa Giulia’s Restaurant is inextricably linked to seasonality and nature.


The joy of showing to Guests the vegetable gardens, where the vegetables that they will eat are grown and the capacity to guarantee their quality, is one of the greatest pleasure that our job offers. We feel so proud to preserve the authenticity of our lands flavors.

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