Your Wedding is your feast,
and also an opportunity for your Guests to meet again, maybe after many years,
or meet each other for the first time: probably your love story will bring new ones.


The exclusivity on the day of your event will guarantee you
full freedom in the reception areas, which will be reserved for you only.
Your Event will be the only one of the day and it gives us the opportunity to
take care of your dream in every single detail.



Villa Giulia looks like a small and cosy village. The main Villa and other 4 buildings, in the park, host up to 50 people. All accommodation preserve the charme of the past and they are furnished with the original furniture of the family who owns this place since many generations.
You will feel at home, surrounded by close friends and family.


You will share with your beloved some precious moments, such as the preparation before the ceremony and reception. You will have time to take funny and spontaneous pictures, which will be totally different from the more formal ones of the ceremony and reception.


Indulge in the joy of bringing your loved ones together for one or more nights.
will be a unique opportunity to spend unforgettable moments together and for spontaneous, tender and amusing photos in the most beautiful corners of the park,
different from the more formal and formal ones of the ceremony and reception.

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