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Eggplants are exquisite in every way, now we teach you a method to preserve them for a long time and use them with fresh spices of your choice (red pepper, parsley, basil, etc.) just before eating them.

Eggplants are most suitable dark purple and long, we use the organic ones that are called Purple Eggplants., that MarcheSana grown in the vegetable garden of Villa Giulia.

The jars that will save your eggplants have to be sterilized by following the same procedures as those for marmalades and jams.

For about 4 jars of 250g each

1kg of long and thin eggplants
1lt of white vinegar
2 dl of dry white wine
50g of sugar
1 lemon
6 cloves
20 fennel seeds
1 sprig of rosemary
4 sage leaves
EVO oil

Wash the eggplants and with a vegetable peeler remove them some strips of peel (not all!).
Cut them lengthwise into slices of about 1/2cm, collect them in a bowl and sprinkle with salt.
Turn them several times in salt and then lay them on a clean cloth, leaving them to dry, occasionally dabbing them, for at least 2 hours and changing the cloth if necessary.

When they are dry, put them back in a bowl and sprinkle with lemon juice filtered.
Meanwhile, boil in a large steel pot vinegar, wine, sugar, salt and pepper, cloves, fennel seeds, sage and rosemary.
Insert the half of the eggplants and boil for 2 minutes. Drai, lay them on a clean towel and repeat with the remaining eggplants.

Lay them all on a dry cloth, allow them to dry and remove the leaves but leave the aromatic spices and seeds.

Put them in the jars very attached to one another, covering them with oil.
With the blade of a knife let gently the oil penetrate along the edges of the jars.
Beat the jars on the plan, rotating them, and when you are sure that there is no more air between the eggplants, close them and proceed to the sterilization as jams and marmalades.

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