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The property

In addition to the Villa and the private Chapel the property of  which Villa Giulia is part includes a Mediterranean park, an hanging garden with beautiful ponds for aquatic plants, goldfishes and the turtle Valentina, the organic vegetable garden, the olive grove and a panoramic swimming pool.

Moreover during the past the villas of this type were self-sufficient ecosystems: residences and summer retreats for the family of the owners, but also homes to house the settlers who had the task of looking after the cultivation of the land.


The Park

The Relais Villa Giulia is surrounded by a large park that creates a continuity between the house and the countryside. In the park you can walk admiring and breathing the scent of pittosporus, roses, agapanthus, wisteria and seasonal flowers such as dahlias, gladioli and zinnias.


The Wood

The Wood is crossed by romantic paths surrounded by oaks, holm oaks, ash trees, cork oaks, hawthorns and palm trees, butcher’s broom and arbutus and offers many quiet corners where relax, read a book from the library or paint glimpses of the villa or the beautiful landscape that surrounds it. The garden merges with the family farm olive grove from which you reach the panoramic swimming pool of the villa.


The pool

The pool is perhaps the only panoramic swimming pool in the Riviera delle Colline that is located a few hundred meters from the sea. Is big enough to satisfy those who love to swim and especially is surrounded by parasols and sun beds, so that can ensure the right fun and relaxation for children and adults.


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