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Anna Passi

Anna Passi is born in Venice and having spent the first part of her life in Venice has surely affected her perception of beauty and balance.

One of her Grandmothers, the marquise Maria Pia Tacoli Saladini di Rovetino, was from the Marche Region and inherited Villa Giulia from her aunt baroness Giulia de Rolland Ferri, which gave the name of Villa Giulia, her family Summer holidays home formerly called Casino San Francesco, after the significant restoration and enlargement of the Villa that she ended in 1894.

Anna, that now resides permanently at Villa Giulia, lived between Venice and Rome, but she always spent every Summer at Villa Giulia, the family home in Fano, the March Region.

By the times Villa Giulia has always hosted relatives and family friends, it was therefore a natural choice for Anna to open it to hospitality, since 2005, to share with her Guests her life surrounded by the beauty of simple things, respecting the history, culture and nature that pervades Villa Giulia.

She has four children, Federico, Almorò, Mila and Niso, to whom she transmitted her love for this enchanting place.

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