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Almorò di San Bonifacio

Almorò di San Bonifacio born in Padua and always spent Summers at the family’s holidays home of Villa Giulia, sharing with brothers full contact with nature and the carefree play in the big park of the villa and the sea. After Classical studies and a degree in Political Science in Rome, he started working in the family business of Villa Giulia, aimed to maintain and integrate different “places” and productive areas of Villa Giulia and the farm. He initially deals with the Relais, the original business heart, then also with the family farm now fully converted to the organic agricolture, up to the realization of the new restaurant: an important arrival point for the business complex, but also a new starting point, because it makes the spaces of Villa Giulia accessible to local visitors.

For the past years Almorò focused its activities in the management of the restaurant, but he did not stop following closely the Relais and and the farm. He feels the restaurant as an ideal meeting place for locals and foreign travelers and between them and the culinary delights and natural beauties of the Marche Region.Almorò pays a particularly attention to the choice of local quality products for preparations of the chefs, as well as to the wines that are all, except for small exceptions, from the Marche Region to fully express it in conjunction with the restaurant’s dishes.

It hits the striking resemblance of Almorò di San Bonifacio with the ancestor Pietro Savorgnan di Brazza, the adventurous explorer of Congo in contemporary times in Stanley, but with diametrically opposite feelings, for his non-violent methods and his revulsion to the colonial exploitation. The innate passion for human relationships makes Almorò a warm and beloved host.

Recipe for a significant man
Forget who

forget where

forget the name of each abstraction

that brought you

to be one and only.

Forget the father and the nation.

and make space to the breath

of each uncorrupted thought

that comes from the heart,

that does not sprout fears.

Feel free to join the world

and don’t be locked in your round;

Take advantage of the uncertainty that arises

For not following the masses.

Feel doubt and live it all

and your choice will oppose the ugly.

Open yourself to one and a thousand experiences

of which consciousness is only the present.

Almorò, 2009

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