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Tomatoes are the symbol of the Summerseason, we consider them as vegetables but botanically actually are fruits.

The tomatoes are almost devoid of calories, so perfect for low-calorie diets, also because on the other hand are rich in water, vitamins and mineral salts.

Of course, they give the best of themselves fresh, just picked, but also dried or in oil they maintain good properties.

Tomatoes are a real natural medication for the prevention of heart diseases.

They are also rich in vitamin C, an essential element for our immune system which should be taken daily.

Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that protects us from degenerative diseases related to aging and cancer, is present in the pulp but more in the skin, so do not avoid it!

Lycopene, also present in watermelon, persimmon and grapefruit, is primary in preventing osteoporosis.

Together oats and spinach help control levels of blood cholesterol and thanks to beta-carotene and lutein, are beneficial for the eyes and vision.

The tomatoes consumed fresh, raw, without the addition of salt, are able to stimulate diuresis, purifying our organism.

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