Relais Villa Giulia


The villa's first owner was Eugenio de Beauharnais, Napoleon's stepson and Viceroy of Italy. In 1850 the estate was bought by Count Carlo Ferri, an aristocrat from Fano who held important positions in the Papal State and who was the Governor of the City of Perugia.

The villa was widely extended in this period, following a project designed by the Architect Giuseppe Ferroni di Senigallia, one of the most important architects in the region.

The Villa's final structure dates back to 1892 and was chosen by Giulia Ferri, the Count's daughter and wife to the Baron and Senator of the Kingdom Giulio de Rolland.

Giulia, who was an intelligent, interesting woman, was a close friend of Queen Margherita di Savoia, who shared her loving of mountain climbing. Giulia de Rolland was the first woman to climb Mont Blanc.

The estate was later inherited by Giulia's niece, the Marchioness Maria Pia Tacoli di San Possidonio, who turned the villa into her summer residence.

Eugenio de Beauharnais Regina Margherita di Savoia

The Villa's chapel was completely restored and the large outside gate was built for the wedding of the Marchioness' daughter, Laura to Count Marco Celio Passi in 1946.

The current owners, the children of Marchioness Laura Tacoli di San Possidonio and Count Marco Celio Passi, now offer guests the possibility of staying in a unique, charming place where comfort and high quality service are combined with aristocratic tradition, history and the natural beauty of a centuries-old Park.