Almorò San Bonifacio

Almorò di San Bonifacio is born in Padua and has always spent Summers at Villa Giulia, sharing with his sister Mila and his brothers Federico and Niso the full contact with nature and the carefree plays in the big park of the villa and by the sea.
After classical studies and a degree in Political Science in Rome, he started working in the family business, aimed at maintaining and integrating the different “places” and productive areas of Villa Giulia and the family farm.
Almorò initially took care of the accommodations, the original business heart, then also of the family farm now totally converted to organic, and finally of the realization of the new restaurant: an important arrival point for the business complex, but also a new starting point, because it makes spaces of  Villa Giulia accessible to local visitors.

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Mila San Bonifacio

Born in Ancona, Mila di San Bonifacio Mila is the only true “Marchigiana” of the family!

Mila lived with the family in Rome, where she completed her studies, and always spent the Summer vacations at Villa Giulia with his brothers Almorò, Federico and Niso, together with many friends who every year used to spend some vacation days here. Mila shared with them the great emotions that the Villa Giulia with its large park and the surrounding countryside donate.


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Anna Passi

Anna Passi born in Venice, but one of her Grandmothers is from the Marche Region.

Anna lived between Venice and Rome, but she always spent every Summer at Villa Giulia, the family home in Fano, the March Region.

Having spent the first years of her life in Venice has surely affected her perception of beauty and balance.

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