Overlooking the Adriatic Sea, Ancona has one of the largest Italian ports. Ancona is a city of art full of monuments and has more than 2.400 years of history, is one of the main economic centers of the region, as well as the main urban center in size and population.

The city is located on a bent elbow-shaped promontory, which protects the largest natural harbor of the central Adriatic. The Greeks of Syracuse, who founded the city in 387 BC, noticed the shape of this headland and for this reason called the newly founded town  “Ἀγκών – Ankon” that in Greek means elbow.


The goldsmith laboratory of Alessio Barbierato is one of the few ones which still it remains in a city that had a great tradition of goldsmiths, as underscored by the existence of the “via degli Orefici” (Goldsmiths street) and is located right in the middle of the old town of Ancona, that you cannot miss to visit!

“My intention is to create a contemporary jewelry, which expresses our “Zeitgeist” without chasing mode. A jewel must tell a story and combine the need of simplicity, typical of our time, with the fun and the need of decoration. The joy of bringing a jewel is the most important element.”


alessio barbierato

After graduating in Ancona, Alessio Barbierato spent 15 years abroad, mainly in Germany, where he had the opportunity to approach modern goldsmith attending Goldsmiths and Design schools and workshops that formed his knowledge.
He returned to Italy in ’88 and opened its “CONTEMPORARY JEWELRY” workshop in Ancona, in Via Bernabei, where he proposes his enchanting creations.

alessio barbierato

Alessio Barbierato

Via Bernabei 21 – 60121 Ancona

Tel e fax 071 – 205833 – Cell 346 3911715

email –

alessio barbierato

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