coffee break per i meeting


People engage with a much more enthusiasm during the coffee breaks than in the working stages, because it’s a moment of great relaxation and informal socializing and the environment of the bar and the lounge of Villa Giulia, where we serve our coffee breaks, is warm and comfortable, providing a serene and relaxed atmosphere.

It is known that during conferences or meetings the participants’ attention tends to decline sharply after the second and the third hour of the beginning of the event.

For this reason it is essential to provide a mid-morning (or mid-afternoon) break, to allow participants to detach and to regain energy, to promote socialization among different participants in the same group and to aid the integration and interchange of ideas.

This little break, from 10 to 20 minutes, help to assimilate the experience and actually help to resume with enthusiasm the carrying out of what was taking place.

The coffee break is not to be considered a waste of time, as it is rather an added value for the performance of the participants of the meeting.

It ‘s inevitable and instinctive for participants to rush on coffee, but be careful, because caffeine increases blood flow to the brain making us more receptive, but it provides no nourishment and therefore to take much coffee when you are tired equates to even more stress your body.

The Coffee break at Villa Giulia is enriched by fresh and hot drinks such as fruit juices with no added sugar, tea and herbal teas and offers small pastries and savory snacks, but also fresh fruit and fruit salads because it is very important to give priority to simple sugar foods, and the fruit is perfect for this purpose: it not tire the digestion, restores the reserves of sugar of the body and provides vitamins and antioxidants.

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