The language of flowers is very important and must guide you for the choice of the flowers to make up the bouquet and the decorations that will characterize your Wedding ceremony and reception reflecting, as the dress, the personality and style of the bride.

We particularly love the delicious bouquet of flowers and wild herbs, but also the classic bouquet with the inclusion of elegant ribbons and precious fabrics. The herbs of our beautiful gardens offer many ideas for bouquets, boutonnieres for the groom and his cronies ring and pretty bouquet for the bridesmaids.

language of flowers

In Italy since 1700 the language of flowers began to take on its meaning, when painters and writers combined colors, smells and images of flowers to particular behaviors or human qualities.

Unlike today, in those days was not used to express emotions, so men and women began to use the language of flowers with their beauty and their colors to express and demonstrate their thoughts and their feelings.

language of flowers

In ancient times, the brides bouquets were made with wild herbs and spices, because it was thought that the strong scent of herbs would keep away evil spirits, bad luck and ill health, and because of this the garlic and chives were very popular.

The bouquet is considered a symbol of happiness and it is said that the not yet married girl that collect the bouquet launched by the bride will marry within the year!

This information will be useful to use the language of flowers, to give a deeper meaning to the flowers you choose for decorations and the bouquet of your wedding:

Amaryllis: Stunning beauty

Aster: sincere feelings

Amaranth: Immortal Love

Carnation: Pure and deep love. Elegance.

Calla Lily: Magnificent beauty

Crocus: Happiness

Dalia: Elegance and rank

Ivy: Loyalty. Marital love

Fern: Purity

Orange blossom: Eternal Love

Camelia: Gratitude. Excellence

Daisy: Innocence. Simplicity

Nontiscordardimè: True love. Love vote

Fuchsia: Desire

Erica: Adoration. Protection

Gardenia: Joy. Sympathy

Hyacinth: Beauty

Iris: A message for you. Purity

Jasmine: Amiability

Lavender: Devotion

Verbena: Unity

Lilac: Pure emotions of love

Lily: First love. Light. Happiness

Thrush: Happiness

Mimosa: Sensitivity

Magnolia: Perseverance

Myrtle: Energy. the power of love. Devotion. Love love complete

Calendula: Sacred affection

Mint: Prosperity. good feelings

Mistletoe: Luck. Happiness

Peony: Sweetness. happy marriage

Red Rose: Love. Respect. Courage and passion

Violet: Loyalty

Veronica: Loyalty

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