During your stay at Villa Giulia you cannot miss to visit the town of Senigallia, famous for the “Velvet Beach” that faces the Adriatic sea and the Rotonda a Mare, the tourist symbol of the city since 1933 and evocative meeting of the elite vacationers during the bathing season, but even more for the old town, charming and well preserved with the Hercolani porches overlooking the Misa river.

The historic center of Senigallia, with the Rocca Rovere, the Duke’s Palace Guidobaldo della Rovere, Piazza Roma with the seventeenth-century Palace of Government, the Foro Annonario (the Market square) and many other monuments of which we will talk in another article dedicated to this beautiful city that host Kokoro, the Nadia and Roberta women’s clothing shop.

Kokoro women’s clothing is a warm and welcoming shop, as the owners Nadia and Roberta, who will advise you the garments and accessories that suit you.


The philosophy of Kokoro is to never force their customers to buy and take a lot more loyalty with a sincere and friendly relationship, rather than force to purchases that, once at home, will not satisfy us.

At Kokoro women’s clothing you will find classic clothes but also sporty, never boring and affordable. Nadia and Roberta always offer goodies such as handmade bags and jewelery, all of them different from one other, with great taste.

An important detail: for any changes you may need to your purchases, Kokoro offer you an exceptionally clever seamstress! The seamstress of Nadia and Roberta is really able to make “miracles” in the changes that you feel to need for clothing that you choose, and in short time.

kokoro senigallia abbigliamento donna primavera-estate

You’ll walk out of Kokoro women’s clothing more satisfied with your purchases because Nadia and Roberta care in a particular way, indeed unique, the packaging!

kokoro senigallia abbigliamento donna

Kokoro women’s clothing located in Senigallia, via Pisacane 10/12.


Tel. +39 071 792 5141

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