Healthy vegetable drink


At the end of the morning, at lunch time, participants relax and start to talk to each other, to share the topics that have be discussed during the meetings, but also to know each other and create important links, often destined to last in time.

Lunch is thus a very important moment of the meeting, as well as important is the food we eat.

Our Chef Danilo Mariotti prepares personalized proposals for buffet lunches that use vegetables from our organic vegetable gardens, so always seasonal and fresh, legumes, that have low sugar and high proteins, whole grains that, thanks to the high fiber content, give energy but are not sleepy, the fish rich in Omega 3, especially the so-called Blue Fish of the Adriatic Sea.

Here are some dishes from our buffet menu for the meetings:

  • Active drinks, that are blended fruit and vegetables, such as celery, apple and ginger; strawberry and tomato; orange, carrot and almond milk …
  • Vegetable Soups such as beans, peas and mint; carrots and turmeric; leeks and potatoes, fennel and lemon; chickpea and rosemary; gazpacho and nigella …
  • Salads of legumes, such as barley and asparagus; spelt and sprouts; chickpeas and cumin; mixed vegetables and legumes …
  • Grilled specialities
  • Mixed salads with dried fruits
  • Fresh cheeses, such as fresh goat cottage cheese with home olive oil, small vegetables with vinaigrette
  • Bruschettas with confit tomatoes and fresh basil
  • Vegetarian finger food from the seasonal menu of the restaurant
  • Compositions of fresh fruits
  • Fruit sorbets

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