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Vittorio Sgarbi, the great animator of the cultural activities of the Marche Region, oversaw the exhibition Rinascimento Segreto that is held in three different locations:

URBINO – Palazzo Ducale, Sala del Castellare

FANO – Archaeological Museum and Pinacoteca of the Malatestian Palace, Sala Morganti

PESARO – Palazzo Mosca, Civic Museums

Thus Vittorio Sgarbi describes the exhibition: “The Secret Renaissance is difficult to show. There is a complex search for both the works and the authors that makes this show of sophisticated level. Along with Raffaello and Perugino, you will meet many anonymous artists, achievements of recent critical research or artists who are known but still under study. This secret Renaissance, in its entirety, becomes for the visitor a revealed Renaissance. ”

More than eighty works are exposed in the three locations of Urbino, Fano and Pesaro, including paintings and sculptures, drawings and artwork from the beginning of the fifteenth century to the mid-sixteenth century.
These works have been sought after by bank foundations, institutions and private collectors to enhance an almost unknown artistic heritage not exposed in the museums, and at the same time to create a link with the spells of Renaissance works in the territory of the Marche Region.
In addition to local school masters such as Giacomo of Nicola da Recanati and Giovanni Antonio da Pesaro, have been selected little-known masterpieces of representative artists of the principal pictorial schools of the peninsula.

From April 13th to September 3rd, 2017

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