rinascimento segreto antonio-da-crevalcore-sacra-famiglia


Vittorio Sgarbi, the great animator of the cultural activities of the Marche Region, oversaw the exhibition Rinascimento Segreto that is held in three different locations:

URBINO – Palazzo Ducale, Sala del Castellare

FANO – Archaeological Museum and Pinacoteca of the Malatestian Palace, Sala Morganti

PESARO – Palazzo Mosca, Civic Museums

Thus Vittorio Sgarbi describes the exhibition: “The Secret Renaissance is difficult to show. There is a complex search for both the works and the authors that makes this show of sophisticated level. Along with Raffaello and Perugino, you will meet many anonymous artists, achievements of recent critical research or artists who are known but still under study. This secret Renaissance, in its entirety, becomes for the visitor a revealed Renaissance. ”

More than eighty works are exposed in the three locations of Urbino, Fano and Pesaro, including paintings and sculptures, drawings and artwork from the beginning of the fifteenth century to the mid-sixteenth century.
These works have been sought after by bank foundations, institutions and private collectors to enhance an almost unknown artistic heritage not exposed in the museums, and at the same time to create a link with the spells of Renaissance works in the territory of the Marche Region.
In addition to local school masters such as Giacomo of Nicola da Recanati and Giovanni Antonio da Pesaro, have been selected little-known masterpieces of representative artists of the principal pictorial schools of the peninsula.

From April 13th to September 3rd, 2017

Info and reservations – Call Center +39 (0)744 422848



Neutrals and pastels are always chic and romantic, but the trend for wedding decorations is coming back on color.

Going Green!

Greenery, the Panthone name to represent the infinite shades of green, is the color of the year.
Green is the color that represent our need to reconnect with Nature, and it’s perfect in a
set like Villa Giulia, that is surrounded by a wide, romantic park with many different spots among which to choose your favorite one for your dream event.
Greenery is beautiful not only for floral arrangement, also for colored linens!
In this order of ideas, flowers are not necessary.
We make inspire from ferns, lavender springs, fragrant herbs – say mint or basil succulents, decorative leaves such as begonia or magnolia or potted trees on which focus the décor, maybe using also blooming branches like apple or cherry blossom, small seasonal fruits and vegetables are another way to layer on color.
As décor trends are going on natural, it’s a wonderful idea to add to the centerpieces some natural elements like wood or stone.
Greenery it’s easy to use and gives to your décor a spontaneous, fresh touch.
At this stage, consider to make also a Greenery Bouquet.
The bouquets are getting bigger, and a green cascade could be really beautiful!

spontaneous weddings


Spontaneity is the new way to marry!

The Spontaneous weddings are the new trend, an original idea not only for those who don’t like too many formalities, but also for a few, important reasons:

• Love is something special, that you can not always plan!
• The Spontaneous wedding is absolutely stress-free!
• More is short-term, the more you save money on the wedding reception, but also on your Honeymoon, Wedding favors and much more!

These wedding are fun and easier, sometimes exciting and unforgettable that the traditonal ones, that may be perceived as a bit flat.

The surprise effect will cheer the Guests, the anxiety will be reduced to a minimum!

Contact us, we will inform you about available dates in the next 2 months and related offers, to give you the best deal and simplify the organization of your wedding day creating the perfect Wedding you always imagined.

We will be at your side to help you organize your dream wedding within a few days with a package tailored to your needs!

steve mccurry icons ancona


Ancona – Mole Vanvitelliana – from February 26th to June 25th, 2017

The exhibition Steve McCurry Icons, in the charming Mole Vanvitelliana of Ancona, presents about 130 shots by Steve McCurry, one of the greatest masters of contemporary photography.

His activity is now almost forty years, and here is proposed perhaps the best of his vast production.

We will follow him on his travels in India, Afghanistan and Pakistan where, in the area of ​​Peshawar refugee he met and photographed Sharbat Gula, the girl that has become an icon of world photography.

Steve McCurry opens a window on the whole universe of experiences and emotions of the most distant ethnic groups, with their various – and desperate – conditions.

The exhibition begins with an extraordinary series of portraits and continues through images poetic and of the war, pain and joy, irony and astonishment with a kaleidoscope of contradictions.

In an audio guide available to visitors Steve McCurry speaks about many of the exhibited photos, and a video recounts his long career and his approach to photography. Another movie, produced by National Geographic explains the long search that brought Steve McCurry to find his “Afghan Girl”, 17 years after the famous shot.

Healthy vegetable drink


At the end of the morning, at lunch time, participants relax and start to talk to each other, to share the topics that have be discussed during the meetings, but also to know each other and create important links, often destined to last in time.

Lunch is thus a very important moment of the meeting, as well as important is the food we eat.

Our Chef Danilo Mariotti prepares personalized proposals for buffet lunches that use vegetables from our organic vegetable gardens, so always seasonal and fresh, legumes, that have low sugar and high proteins, whole grains that, thanks to the high fiber content, give energy but are not sleepy, the fish rich in Omega 3, especially the so-called Blue Fish of the Adriatic Sea.

Here are some dishes from our buffet menu for the meetings:

  • Active drinks, that are blended fruit and vegetables, such as celery, apple and ginger; strawberry and tomato; orange, carrot and almond milk …
  • Vegetable Soups such as beans, peas and mint; carrots and turmeric; leeks and potatoes, fennel and lemon; chickpea and rosemary; gazpacho and nigella …
  • Salads of legumes, such as barley and asparagus; spelt and sprouts; chickpeas and cumin; mixed vegetables and legumes …
  • Grilled specialities
  • Mixed salads with dried fruits
  • Fresh cheeses, such as fresh goat cottage cheese with home olive oil, small vegetables with vinaigrette
  • Bruschettas with confit tomatoes and fresh basil
  • Vegetarian finger food from the seasonal menu of the restaurant
  • Compositions of fresh fruits
  • Fruit sorbets
coffee break per i meeting


People engage with a much more enthusiasm during the coffee breaks than in the working stages, because it’s a moment of great relaxation and informal socializing and the environment of the bar and the lounge of Villa Giulia, where we serve our coffee breaks, is warm and comfortable, providing a serene and relaxed atmosphere.

It is known that during conferences or meetings the participants’ attention tends to decline sharply after the second and the third hour of the beginning of the event.

For this reason it is essential to provide a mid-morning (or mid-afternoon) break, to allow participants to detach and to regain energy, to promote socialization among different participants in the same group and to aid the integration and interchange of ideas.

This little break, from 10 to 20 minutes, help to assimilate the experience and actually help to resume with enthusiasm the carrying out of what was taking place.

The coffee break is not to be considered a waste of time, as it is rather an added value for the performance of the participants of the meeting.

It ‘s inevitable and instinctive for participants to rush on coffee, but be careful, because caffeine increases blood flow to the brain making us more receptive, but it provides no nourishment and therefore to take much coffee when you are tired equates to even more stress your body.

The Coffee break at Villa Giulia is enriched by fresh and hot drinks such as fruit juices with no added sugar, tea and herbal teas and offers small pastries and savory snacks, but also fresh fruit and fruit salads because it is very important to give priority to simple sugar foods, and the fruit is perfect for this purpose: it not tire the digestion, restores the reserves of sugar of the body and provides vitamins and antioxidants.

capolavori sibillini sibillini masterpieces


The exhibition “Masterpieces Sibillini, art in places injured by the earthquake” offers to the visitors  from February 19 to October 1, 2017  a selection of about 100 Masterpieces that have been brought to the beautiful town of Osimo , in the Province of Anconafrom the territories affected by the earthquake of August, 2016.

Vittorio Sgarbi is the president of the Scientific Committee of the exhibition, he chose the name and the image that represents it, the Sibyl of the Neapolitan painter Corrado Gianquinto, coming from the Museum of Montefortino.

The Pinacoteca Gentili of San Ginesio, a lovely town  that for the awesome views it offers is called “The balcony of the Sibillini Mountains” but also, unfortunately, one of the towns most devastated by the earthquake, hosted  34 of those Masterpieces.

You’ll admire some works of Simone De Magistris, including a Pietà made in 1584, Filippo Conti, the Caracciolo, called Battistello, all works painted between 1500 and 1600.

An artistic treasure of inestimable value that was recovered and transferred to Osimo in order to preserve it integrity, enhance it through the exhibition, restore it, if necessary, with the proceeds of the tickets, to later return it to its ancient splendor to the places of belonging.

“Sibillini masterpieces, the art in places injured by the earthquake “

“Capolavori Sibillini, l’arte nei luoghi feriti dal sisma”

Exhibition of works of art, in Osimo, The Marches  Region, from the areas of the region affected by the earthquake.

Palazzo Campana, Piazza Dante 4 Osimo (Ancona)


From February 19th to October 1st, 2017

from Thursday to Sunday, weekends and holidays
10-13 and 16- 19

from April 13 to May 1 every day
10-13 and 16- 19

July daily
10-13 and 16- 20

from August 1 to September 10 every day without a lunch break
10- 20

Last admission 30 minutes before closing


€ 7.00

Reduced € 5.00
groups of more than 15, children under 18, holders of conventions, college students

Reduced € 4.00
students of primary and secondary schools

Children up to 6 years, disabled with a carer, a leader per group, two teachers per school group